Community cohousing by Shift Living means fostering social connections and enhancing well being.

We create transformative urban communities.

Shift Living has invented a new cohousing model for urban living that brings authentic community back into our lives—and supports healthy, socially conscious and mindful living.

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We Create Vibrant Communities for the Digital Age

Shift Living fosters a village-like community environment and the social interactions that bring people together.

Newsfeeds, likes, and followers can leave people feeling unmoored and disconnected, yearning for the kind of support and connection we’ve lost in the age of technology. Our cohousing enables city residents to foster the relationships that are essential to happiness, security, and wellbeing.

“While success can be
rewarding, real happiness
depends upon the supportive
relationships and shared
passions we find in

—Matthew Blesso, Founder

Urban cohousing community Brooklyn condominiums and apartments in Brooklyn.

How Shift Living Transforms City Living

We create vertical-villages that combine home and neighborhood in a single building, and enable socially conscious people to regularly bump into one another in communities where there’s always something happening—and always someone to count on.

Our sustainable residences encourage residents to thrive by nurturing mind, body and spirit. We empower meaningful lifestyle change, supported by shared amenity spaces and authentic community.

Our mission is to bring people together to live in community, and empower them to choose the type of cohousing community that’s right for them.

Shift Living is a unique new kind of real estate entity. We’re experts in real estate development and building community. This rare combination enables us to weave lives together through innovative cohousing development, design and management, as well as imaginative, building-specific programming.

Innovative Cohousing for Renters and Owners

We have developed both rental and ownership cohousing models for city dwellers. Each features private units, incredible shared spaces and resources, and an authentic community setting.

We’ll soon be announcing our first Brooklyn-based projects!

Looking to live where it feels like home? We have a place for you.

With each housing environment we build or shape, we foster active and welcoming urban ‘neighborhoods’ where you can feel like you belong. Here’s what Shift Living aspires to bring to the residents of our community cohousing:

Vibrant, Compassionate Communities

Our trained community managers will co-create each community in collaboration with residents to foster authentic bonds and reflect their unique interests. You’ll have company when you want it, and friends and neighbors you can count on.

Places for Healthy Mindful Living

Shift Living promises a constant, evolving flow of unique, diverse programming to encourage and enable our friends and neighbors to experience their healthier, more fulfilled, more conscious selves.

Technology That Connects

We’re harnessing technology to directly engage our communities with a custom, proprietary mobile app that’s more advanced than anything that exists today. Accessible only to Shift Living residents and partners, our app will bring our members together to live, work and play better together.

Green, Urban Sanctuaries

We’re committed to incorporating innovative sustainable design solutions into our buildings and offering green ways to live, work and play. From rooftop gardens to aquaponics, or partnering with suppliers of organic, local food and green products, Shift Living prioritizes the wellbeing of our planet and residents.

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We’ll soon be announcing our first residence!

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