Our Mission

Shift Living’s mission is to create community-focused urban residences that bring people together, and help them achieve their highest potential by nourishing and fortifying mind, body and spirit.

Through rental and ownership models that offer private units and community spaces, we strive to unite innovative business practices with civic responsibility in order to generate commercial value in balance with social good.

Our Core Principles

We recognize that all beings are interconnected, and strive to counter society’s focus on individual gain at the expense of the greater good.

Through mindful consumption of all kinds, we honor and respect Mother Earth as the source of life, rather than a resource to be exploited.

We believe that individuals flourish and lead more gratifying lives when they regularly interact, socialize and support each other.

We provide members with opportunities to nurture and discover their most authentic selves.

We’re deeply committed to encouraging and supporting civic and responsible action within our buildings, neighborhoods and the world.

Shift Living is social, collaborative—and a lot of fun.

We value caring for others, giving for the benefit of others and living a virtuous life.

We will continually develop and evolve ways and resources to help members nurture their mind, body and spirit, and attain their highest level of health, energy and balance.

We’re committed to positively impacting our community members, and society at large, by providing opportunities for intellectual, personal and spiritual growth.

Technology has as much potential to bring diverse individuals together as to isolate us. We’re committed to using technology to connect and enrich those who live, work or play in our communities.

We actively foster caring relationships with people of all races, cultures, genders, lifestyles and experiences, and believe that we enjoy mutual understanding and growth when we embrace our differences.