Our Cohousing Models

Instead of a conventional tenant-landlord relationship, Shift Living forges a partner-based inter-relationship with the residents who live, work and play in our cohousing communities.

We see our members as collaborators in nurturing authentic, intentional, and sustainable rental and condominium cohousing communities.

Brooklyn rental cohousing and condominium cohousing.
Rental Cohousing

Our rental co-housing offers an unparalleled living experience: Every resident enjoys both a private apartment and a community they can call their own. Shared amenity spaces are plentiful and beautiful, because the Shift Living experience means gaining comfort and community, not sacrificing privacy and space.

Through creatively conceived custom programming and proactive community building, we help foster authentic communities and social interaction together with residents.

From chef-prepared theme dinners, movie nights, and inspiring talks to wellness workshops, creative collaborations, and rooftop barbecues, we co-create—with residents—events and activities that bring people together. Our programming will be designed to generate social capital and support our community members’ aspirations toward mindful living, improved wellbeing, and social fun. To learn more, contact us.

Condominium Cohousing

Our condo cohousing properties offer from 15-50 units in a range of sizes and configurations. By designing for existing groups and communities, as well as those who want to come together in new communities, we’re changing the way people live—and buy property.

The Shift Living condominium model encourages owners to actively participate in a co-creation process to help shape the design of their residential building and the nature of the community they’ll belong to for years to come.

We’re shifting away from outdated approaches to real estate development. We’re simplifying the complexities of ownership and shared resources that prevent innovative housing models like ours from becoming the new standard for city living.


To learn more about how you can partner with us and become an owner in our cohousing condominiums, contact us.

What's your vision for a cohousing community? Send us a message, and let us know what's important to you.